A Wings is a high performance, residual insecticide that provide control over mosquitoes, houseflies and cockroaches for a long period of time. It is widely used in various areas such as institutional premises, residential building and domestic settings. Further, it can also find its application in hospitals, kitchens, restaurants and food processing & food storage areas.

Active ingredient Alphacypermethrin
Formulation 10% SC
Compatibility Compatible with most insecticides & public health etc.
Shelf - life Two years under normal storage conditions.
Available Packing 1ltr and 5ltr

Mode of Action

Wings acts on non-systemic insecticide with contact & stomach action. It acts on central & peripheral nervous system in very low dose.

Recommendations for Use:

  • Advanced synthetic pyrethroid.
  • A wing is cost effective due to low dosage and less spray rounds.
  • A wing has long lasting residual effect.
  • A wing is odourless, non-staining and non irritant.

Broad Spectrum of activities controls all household insects like mosquito, Flies, cockroaches, ants, wasps, bedbugs, spider, and mites.

It can be used in Residential establishment, Industrial Township, Hotel, Restaurants, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, and Food Industries.

Direction of Use :

It is suitable for the control of crawling and flying insects on domestic, public and industrial premises. It is suitable for use with most types of knapsack sprayers and other residual spray equipment commonly used to control public health pests. Application should be made at low pressure and with a nozzle that produces even sized droplets. It should be thoroughly mixed with water to give the required concentration. Treated surface should be thoroughly sprayed to the point of minimal run-off. The applicator should ensure uniform coverage and pay particular attention to those areas where insects are most likely to come in contact with the insecticides.

Dosage :

10 – 20ml for 1ltr of water to cover 50sq.mt area.

First Aid :

In case of eye or skin contact flush with plenty of water. In case of swallow don’t induce vomiting, give activated charcoal and drink water. Call Physician who will treat symptomatically.

Antidote :

In case of severe poisoning with Neurological symptoms and convulsions administer diazepam.