STAR JET ( CYMOXANIL 8% + MANCOZEB 64% WP ) STAR JET is a specialty fungicide best for controlling resistant fungal population. Star Jet is effective against diseases caused by Phytophthora and other downy mildew fungi. It is best for controlling Downy mildew of Grapes, Late blight of Potato and Late blight of Tomato.

Active ingredient CYMOXANIL + MANCOZEB
Formulation 8% + 64% WP
Compatibility Compatible with systemic fungicides etc.
Shelf - life Two years under normal storage conditions.
Available Packing 100gm, 250gm, 500gm and 1kg.

Mode of Action

Star Jet is mixture of two fungicides- Mancozeb and Cymoxanil. The partner Mancozeb acts by its contact action. The mancozeb is fungitoxic when exposed to air. It is converted to an isothiocyanate, which inactivates the Sulphahydral (SH) groups in enzymes of fungi. Sometimes the metals are exchanged between mancozeb and enzymes of fungi, thus causing disturbance in fungal enzyme functioning. Other partner Cymoxanil has contact and locally systemic activity. It inhibits Sporulation in fungi

Product Features :

Specialty dual action fungicide i.e. contact and locally systemic, which controls diseases by its protective as well as early curative action. Best for controlling resistant fungal population. Good kick-back action – Controls fungi even after 2 days of infection. Specialty fungicide to control diseases caused by oomycetes fungi. (Downy mildew, late blight, etc.) rapid uptake and trans-location in plant. Long duration disease control. Due to various actions on spores, viz – Inhibits spore germination, reduce spore viability and inhibits spores production, controls spread of disease.

Application :

For best management of the disease it is wise to spray at the initiation of the disease symptoms/ at probable time of disease occurrence. Preventive application of Starjet early in season helps in preventing disease outbreak late in season. Use the product as per the recommendations of local agricultural department.

Recommendations for use :

Crop Application dose / HA Pest
Grapes 1500-2000gm for 500-1000ltr water Downy mildew
Potato, Tomato 1500gm for 500-750ltr water Late Blight
Cucumber 1500gm for 500-600ltr water Downy mildew