B-ZOLE PLUS is a systemic fungicide widely used to control large numbers of diseases caused by fungi infecting crops

Active ingredient Hexaconazole
Formulation 5% SC
Compatibility Compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, etc.
Shelf - life Two years under normal storage conditions
Available Packing 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr

Mode of Action

B-Zole Plus 5% SC is useful to Control of many fungi, particularly Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes, e.g Podosphaera leucotricha and Venturia inaequalis on apples, Guignardia bidwellii and Uncinula necator on vines, Hemileia vastatrix on coffee, and Cercospora spp. on peanuts. Also used on bananas, cucurbits, peppers, apples, Rice, Groundnut, Mango and other crop in accordance with the climatic conditions and Local Authorities.

Recommendations for Use:

Crop Application dose / HA Disease
Grapes 500-1000ml for 500ltr water Powdery Mildew
Rice & Mango 0.2% or 200ml/100ltr water Powdery Mildew & Sheath blight
Chillies, Tomato 0.2% or 200ml/100ltr water Aphid, Jassids, Thrips