OXYFLOW 23.5% EC is a non selective herbicide containing oxyflourfen active ingredient 23.5% EC. It has a residual activity and controls important weeds in crops like Rice, Tea, Potato, Onion, Ground nut and Mentha.

Active ingredient Oxyflourfen
Formulation 23.5% EC
Compatibility Compatible with commonly used herbicides.
Application As post-emergence application.
Shelf - life Two years under normal storage conditions
Available Packing 500ml and 1ltr.

Mode of Action

Oxyflow is a pre and early post emergence diphenyl ether group based herbicide, controls wide range of broad leaf weeds & some annual grasses

Product Features :

  • Broad spectrum of weed control
  • Strong contact & residual action
  • Very low solubility in soil water
  • Flexibility in application
  • Longer duration of control
  • Safe for crop
  • High cost benefit ratio

Recommendations for use :

Crop Application dose / Ha Weed
Tea 650 - 1000 ml for 500 – 750ltr water Digitaria, Imperata, Paspalum, Borreria hispida
Potato 425 - 850 ml for 500 – 750ltr water Chenopodium, Coronopus, Haliotropium, Trianthema
Rice (Direct shown) as pre-emergence 650 - 1000 ml for 500ltr water Echinochloa spp., Cyperus iria, Eclipta alba
Onion, Ground nut 425 - 850 ml for 500 – 750ltr water Chenopodium, Amaranthus viridis, Echinochloa colonum, Digitaria arginata
Mentha 904.3 ml for 500ltr water Echinochloa colona, Cyperus spp., Solanum nigrum, Amaranthus spp., Sphenochlea spp., Anagallis arvensis, Chenopodium album, Commelina benghalensis, Digitaria sanguinalis, Eclipta alba, Euphorbia spp., Ludwigia parviflora, Portulaca spp.