LAMBO 555 is a new generation photosable synthetic pyrethroid insecticide and acaricide which has stomach and contact action on insect pests. It is used for control of wide range of pests in variety of crops. It may also be used in public health applications to control insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks and flies.

Active ingredient Lambdacyhalothrin
Formulation 5% EC
Shelf - life Two years under normal storage conditions.
Available Packing 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1ltr
Compatibility Compatible with most house hold and insecticides etc.

Mode of Action

Soft acts on tiny channels through which sodium is pumped to cause excitation of neurons. They prevent the sodium channels from closing, resulting in continual nerve impulse transmission, tremors, and eventually, death.

Product Features :

  • Lambo 555 is a pyrethroid insecticide used for controlling pest insects in agriculture, public health, and in construction and households.
  • Lambo 555 is characterized by low vapor pressure and a low Henry's law constant but by a high octanol-water partition coefficient and high water-solid-organic carbon partition coefficient values.
  • Lambo 555 belongs to a group of chemicals called pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are manmade chemicals that are similar to the natural insecticides pyrethrins.
  • Lamo 555 products come in various forms including powders, pellets, liquids, small capsules, and ear tags containing the chemical.
  • Lambo 555 is used in agriculture and horticulture as an insecticide/ acaricide against Lepidoptera, Hemiptera, Diptera, Coleoptera and mites.
  • The major agricultural uses for lambo 555 are alfalfa, corn, cotton, onions, rice, soybeans, sweet corn and wheat.

Recommendations for Use:

Crop Application dose / acre Pest
Cotton 240 - 400 ml Bollworm, Jassids, Thrips
Rice 200 ml Leaf folder, Stem borer, Green leaf hopper, Gall midge, Hispa, Thrips