KAVIN 75% WP is used as contact fungicide. Chlorothalonil 75% WP is a fine, light beige powder, after mixing with water in a specific concentration if forms a suspension, which can be sprayed, It contains Chlorothalonil 75% active ingredient and balance other adjuvant.

Active ingredient Chlorothalonil
Formulation 75% WP
Compatibility Compatible with used Fungicide products.
Shelf - life Two years under normal storage conditions.
Available Packing 250gm, 500gm and 1kg.

Mode of Action

Kavin is a multi-site inhibitor affecting various enzymes and other metabolic processes in fungi. It inhibits spore germination, and is toxic to fungal cell membranes.

Recommendations for Use:

Crop Application dose / HA Pest
Potato, Grapes, Cherry, Tomato, Apple 2.5kgs for 750-1000ltr water Early blight, Late blight, Downy mildew, Brown rot, Scab
Groundnut 2.0kgs for 700-800ltr water Tikka leaf spot, Rust