JEYTHENE is a broad-spectrum organophosphate systemic insecticide having contact and stomach action on insect pests. It controls sucking and chewing insects in large numbers of field crops.

Active ingredient Acephate
Formulation 75% SP
Compatibility Compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, etc.
Shelf - life Two years under normal storage conditions
Available Packing 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, and 1kg

Mode of Action

JEYTHENE is a cholinesterase inhibitor and disrupts nervous impulse transmission by acting in synaptic region.

Product Features :

  • JEYTHENE is highly trusted brand in India.
  • JEYTHENE is widely used insecticide in India for the control of sucking pests.
  • JEYTHENE gives the control of chewing and biting pests like Heliothis in cotton and pulses when used as tank mix partner
  • JEYTHENE is systemic in action in plants and is readily translocated.
  • JEYTHENE has good compatibility with synthetic pyrethroid insecticides resulting in synergistic action which helps in breaking pest resistance.
  • JEYTHENE has phytotonic effect on plant.
  • JEYTHENE also exhibits ovicidal action.

Recommendations for Use:

Crop Application dose / acre Pest Waiting Period
Cotton 300 grm Bollworms, Jassids, Mealy bug 15 Days
Paddy 350 grm BPH, WBPH, GLH, Stem borer, Leaf folder, Plant Hooer 15 Days
Vegetables 300 grm BAphids, Jassids 15 Days
Safflower 780 grm Aphids 15 Days