Gaint is used for effective control of cockroaches, houseflies and mosquitoes in houses as a residual spray on surfaces and for bed net impregnation to protect against adult mosquitoes. .

Active ingredient Deltamethrin
Formulation 2.5% Flow
Compatibility Compatible with most house hold insecticides, etc .
Shelf - life Two years under normal storage conditions.
Available Packing 500ml, 1ltr

Mode of Action

Gaint acts on insect by contact and ingestion. In both cases lipophilic nature promotes its action. In the insect body, it affects the nerve transmission by acting on axon. It has knockdown effect. Control to cockroaches, houseflies and mosquitoes. Use to house, factories, offices, marketplaces, hospitals, hotels, cattle sheds etc.

Product Features :

  • Broad spectrum activity.
  • Effective at low dosages.
  • Non-greasy, non-staining.
  • Endorsed by HACCP for use in food and beverage facilities controlled by HACCP based Food Safety Programme.

Recommendations for Use:

Gaint flow control to adult mosquito, houseflies and cockroaches. For residual spray, dilute 10ml in one litter of water to cover 10-20 sq. mt. of area. For bed net impregnation, use 1 ml of Gaint per sq. mt. of the bed net area.