BACDAR is a semi determinate crop has vegetative growth continuously even if reach the flowering stage. In order to maximize assimilate for filling the pod; it is necessary to investigate source size modification and sink source balance in Bacdar. Therefore, retardant as a growth regulator can be used for regulating plant growth balance. More over foliar application of paclobutrazol at sufficient ppm in the stage of initial pod formation and initial and medium pod filling increased seed production of peanuts.This research aims were to investigate the effect of time application of paclobutrazol on the growth of peanuts; to optimize the paclobutrazol concentration to growth and production of peanuts; and to investigate the growth pattern and production of peanuts The research was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of paclobutrazol on the growth and production of Peanuts. Planting was conducted in April to July, using 2 peanut varieties. Design of experiment was split plot. Paclobutrazol was applied at 6 and 8 weeks after planting. The results showed that the single treatment affected the growth of peanut. There was no interaction among time of application, concentration of paclobutrazol and variety. Time of application had significant effect on peanut. Effect of variety was significant for plant height, total dry matter, culm and leaf dry weight, number of gynophores and pod, 100 seed weight and harvesting index, respectively. Paclobutrazol application had significant effect on plant height, stem dry weight, leaf number, pod number per plant, pod weight per plant, seed weight per plant, seed number per plant and plant productivity, respectively.

Active ingredient Paclobutrazole
Formulation 23% SC
Compatibility Compatible with used Plant Growth Regulator.
Shelf - life Two years under normal storage conditions.
Application As post-emergence application.
Available Packing 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr.

Tree Health and Nutrition :

Any treatment that leads to increased production should be supported by good management to maintain tree healthy. This includes nutrition, irrigation, control of pests and diseases, pruning and skirting. It is desirable to prune and skirt trees after harvest and before the treatment. Unhealthy and weak trees should not be treated with paclobutrazol.

Application :

Bacdar is applied two months after flushing. The leaves become dark green a few days after application. Two months later, the mango tree is ready for induction. So if say, the tree flushed in February, apply Bacdar in April. Induce in June and you’ll harvest by September when the price of mango is high up to December.

Recommendations for use :

Crop Application dose / acre Pest
Mango Tree 15ml 20ml 25-40ml Age 7-15 Years Age 16-25 Years Age more than 25 Years

Here some tips on using Bacdar :

Apply to trees 10 years old and up. Do not apply Bacdar to mango trees below 10 years as these have soft branches, hence fruits cannot hold much fruits. Select trees with many flushes. Do not apply Bacdar to trees that have not flushed or to those with matured leaves. Application ratio depends on the age of the tree, being a mango grower for years; I have learned that the application ratio depends of the age of the tree. For 10 – 15 years old trees. Apply to the base. Some mango growers spray Paclobutrazol solution to the leaves, but is more and practical to spray it to the base of the tree, so the chemical will not be washed out when it rains. Pour the solution on loosened soil 2 meters around the base of the tree do not apply when the soil is very dry or if rain is shortly expected. If it did not rain a week after application, spray the base with water to facilitate further absorption

Apply flower inducer after harvest. Since the leaves are mature, spray flower inducer for simultaneous flowering. Do not induce trees after the second cropping. Some farmers induce for third cropping, but do not expect high yield. Rehabilitate the trees for a year or more. Spray newly opened flushes with insecticide to control leaf-eating insects. Mango trees are ready for another cropping after the second flushing and that’s when you can start another cycle of Paclobutrazol aplication.